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            PA66 70G33L

            PA66 70G33L is copolymerization with 33% glass fiber for injection molding.
            The product is used for electrical/electronic field, home appliance parts,
            automobile industry.
            Material’s state ?Current valid
            Processing method ?Injection molding
            Appearance ?White
            Application ?Home appliance parts, automobile industry.
            Physical property Rating Test method
            Density 1.38g/cm3 ASTM D-792
            Mechanical property Rating Test method
            Tensile strength(23℃,DAM) 196.1MPa ASTM D-638
            Tensile strength(23℃,50%RH) 124.1MPa ASTM D-638
            Elongation at break(23℃,50%RH) 4% ASTM D-638
            Impact property Rating Test method
            Angstrom with impact strength 133j/m ASTM D-256
            Hardness Rating Test method
            Rockwell hardness M(DAM) M101MPa ASTM D-785
            Thermal property Rating Test method
            HDT(1.8MPa) 249℃ ASTM D-648
            Melting point(50%RH) 255 ℃ ASTM D-789
            Other property Rating Test method
            CLTE 2.3×10-5m/m/℃ ASTM D-696
            NOTE ISO 9001 2000
            Typical properties: these are not to be construed as specifications