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            GPPS 525

            GPPS 525 is a homopolymer with high transparency.Designed for use on
            injection and extrusion moulding.
            It always be use to make food container,stationery,crafts,medical supplies,
            household products,toys and video products.
            Material’s state Current valid
            Performance feature high transparency
            Application food container,stationery,
            crafts, toys medical supplies, household products,
            Appearance Clear/transparency
            Processing method Injection and extrusion
            Physical property Rating Test method
            Density 1.04g/cm³ ISO 1183
            MFR(230℃/2.16kg) 7.3g/10min ISO 1133
            Mechanical property Rating Test method
            Tensile strength(yield) 40 Mpa ISO 527
            Elongation(yield) 1.5% ISO 527
            Flexural modulus 3800Mpa ISO 178
            Blending strength 86Mpa ISO 178
            Impact property Rating Test method
            Notched IZOD impact strength(23℃) 19J/m ISO 180
            Hardness Rating Test method
            Rockwell hardness® 68 ASTM D785
            Thermal property Rating Test method
            Distortion temperature ISO 75-2
            1.8Mpa 80℃  
            Vicat softening point 93℃ ISO 306
            Other property Rating Test method
            Fire resistance HB UL94
            Residual monomer <500ppm
            Typical property:these are not to be construed as specifications